30 Oct 2012 09:36

How long does it take you to make your recaps? I mean, my word that's a lot of caps and a lot of words. Do you have like separate folder for them to keep track? p.s. all the ghostbuster references please me very much.

You are correct, it is quite a lot of words. And I uh…did eventually have to make a few separate folders…

so…yeah. The basic step by step process is that I transcribe my thoughts while watching the episode, then I go back and take caps for each individual reaction, and after that I crop, resize, color, sharpen, and add text to all the images. With college and all the other stuff I do, it takes me about a week, which…isn’t ideal? But that’s just how fast I can get them up.

p.s. you’re very welcome, i do it with great joy in my heart

  1. my-tenerife-sea said: I AM SO HAPPY YOU TAKE TIME TO DO THIS
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